Terms and Conditions and Legal Notice for the company PARKRON INTERNATIONAL S.L that apply to the Driver and Owner of the Parking Spaces offered.


I.- Parkron International S.L has, as its corporate purpose, the provision of services related with information technologies and computers.

II.- Our App intends to facilitate access to any person who is interested in the temporary rental of parking spaces for a limited time period. We have an updated list of the available parking spaces in our application and you will need a mobile device to hire them easily.

III. The applicable regulations for those interested in the use of this app - to the owners and/or persons who offer the parking spaces and this company - shall be governed by the will of the parties, which shall be specified in this APP, and by the Spanish Civil Code in those aspects not expressly foreseen under this contract.

IV.- Terms and conditions given by Parkron International S.L, the owners of the parking spaces to be offered, or the recipients, will take effect from the moment of use of the application.

V.- These terms, once they have been used for hire can be amended when you make a booking of a parking space through our app, although such amendment will entitle you to resolve this agreement and if you continue using our APP or the Services that we offer it will imply that you have accepted the new terms.

VI. Parkron International S.L takes no liability for claims against the owner of the parking space, the driver, nor a third party, for the failure to fulfill the terms and conditions of this contract by any of these parties. Also Parkron International S.L. has no liability for any damages caused to the car, whether acts of vandalism or acts carried out by the owner or driver. Because we can't take responsibility for the drivers’ or owners’ behaviour and therefore we do not accept responsibility in this regard to the maximum extent permitted by law.


I. Registration is not required to access the app. You can book and pay for a parking space with Parkron without being registered, but the car details and payment information will have to be entered manually each time you require the rental service as a driver.

On the contrary, if you have been already registered and have an account with us, you may book and pay for the parking space without the need of entering the required information each time.

II. To be registered and make a booking we need you provide us with your name, a valid telephone number, date of birth, and you are required to be of legal age (18). Also the car details, brand, model and number plate, as well as a credit or debit card where the charges for the use of the parking space will be charged to. Take into account that any personal details you provide us will be subject to the data protection obligations that appear in our privacy policy. ("Privacy Policy"). The Privacy Policy forms part of this contract.

III. You are required to create a password when registering yourself. We recommend you keep your password because it is confidential and must not be revealed to third parties. Parkron International S.L is not responsible for the misuse of your password by any person to whom you have given your password. In case of a mistake when entering your password, you will have the choice of restarting/changing your password through the receipt of a one-time password (OTP), by SMS, which will have to then be entered in the app.

IV. Bookings will be confirmed through a message to the Parkron application. Such a message will appear in the screen (popup message). The user must provide a valid telephone number which will be linked to the app. SMS messages will be sent to this telephone number to validate this number through the (OTP) code. This code must be entered into the app to finish the booking registration process.

In the case of changing a password, the process will be the same, and you will receive an SMS with your new code.

Parkron International S.L is not responsible for issues caused as a result of the telephone number provided not being correct.

V.- Our app users can be registered users that have a virtual purse or a registered credit or debit card to make the payments. They can also be guests or non-registered users, who only have to enter a credit or debit card to use the app's booking service.

VI. The owner may register as many cars as they like, which may use alternatively - or simultaneously - different parking spaces in different car parks (this provision will come into force in future updates and will be held in abeyance until Parkron publishes it).

VII.- Parkron International S.L may cancel or close your account if you fail to fulfil any of the terms or conditions of this contract or of the Parking Space License Agreement, and from thenceforth you may not use our services nor access to all the areas of the Web application.


I. If the driver is interested in using one of the parking spaces that we offer, its availability and closeness will be announced in our app, Parkron. The detail regarding access and use of individual parking spaces will appear in the specifications. It must be specified that the agreement related with the use of the parking space will only affect the driver and the owner, and as the driver, you must read the terms and specifications of such agreement carefully.

II. Once you are interested in the booking of a parking space, you may choose between registering on our application or continuing without carrying out such registration (as a guest), accept the terms and conditions of the Parking License Agreement, and provide us with a credit or debit card on which you will be charged for this service. Once your bank or payment provider verifies the payment, the booking will be confirmed and the agreement will be entered into between the owner and the user of the corresponding parking space.

Booking confirmation will be made through a text message within the own application (popup message) and only the booking information will appear.

III. The car registered in the booking must be the same car that occupies the parking space. No exceptions.

IV.- You may cancel the booking until 5 minutes before the beginning time of the parking space rental and with no cost. In case you cancel it less than 5 minutes before it starts, you will be charged the total cost of the parking space.


I. You must only use the parking space during the period of time specified in the booking.

II.- The above mentioned booking can be carried out in two ways: “Premium” package permits you to extend the term agreed in the booking, provided that the parking space continues to be available. If such space is not vacant you will be informed about the closest parking space, and the “Standard” package (which does not allow you to extend the term agreed).

III.- If the car does not leave the parking space within the term agreed, the user (driver) will be penalised with a 30 Euros daily fine. Without prejudice, the owner of the parking space is expressly empowered to use a tow truck to remove the car from the parking space and to park it nearby. The car parking space owner is obligated to inform the driver where their car is parked, and the driver is obligated to pay for the tow truck expenses. The owner of the parking space may claim for the tow truck expenses to through civil jurisdiction and Parkron International S.L shall have no liability for such action.


I. Parkron International S.L U is a platform for the announcing of owners’ parking spaces in which drivers are interested and therefore, the only services it provides is the management and confirmation of bookings and collection of payment in the name of the owner. Therefore, Parkron is not responsible for the suitability of the parking space you choose according to your needs. Also we are not responsible for the location, or the condition, of a parking space, its availability, or the behaviour of the owner during the booking period.

II.- When the driver arrives at the parking space, he must examine it and verify that he is satisfied with it and that it fulfils his expectations. Otherwise, they must make contact with Parkron immediately by email with the purpose of informing Parkron about the problem to be examined.

III.- In the case of dispute between the owner and the user, both of them, the driver and the owner, must provide clear evidence that justifies the dispute and “Parkron International S.L” may have cause to mediate and provide a solution to it.

IV.- The user/driver commits not to directly contact the owner and commits to provide all the data required in our web application, as well as not to use their account for illegal or immoral purposes.

V.- Parkron International S.L reserves the right to block or cancel the user’s account if they fail to fulfill the obligations of this contract. If the user/driver has made a payment on account we will consider the possibility of reimbursing it.

Payments made through a virtual purse shall not be refundable in cases of cancellation of the account, as well as the deposits made into the virtual purse.

VI.- It is strictly forbidden for drivers / users or owners to try applying for or providing services to attract clients, suppliers or licensees related with Parkrom through any means, including written and oral communication made by themselves, or a third party, to make transactions outside of our Web application.

VII.- Parkron International S.L will not be responsible for the loss of benefits, loss of data or acquisition of goods or substituted services or for any claim or action against you or by any party.

VII.- We are not responsible for direct, special or indirect damages arising from mistakes or inaccuracies of the Web application or Services, personal or material damages of any nature, as a result of their access and use of the Web application or the Services or any booking with an owner to the maximum extent permitted by law.

Nor are we responsible for any non-authorised access or use of our safe servers or any interruption or cessation of the transmission towards or from the Web application, nor error, virus or similar that can be transmitted through the Web application by a third party, or for any loss or damage of any type incurred as a result of the use of the Web application or the Services.

VIII.- The owner of the parking space commits to provide all the information related with the parking space such as address, access, time zone, restriction, size, with the aim of providing the required information to users. Parkron may require some explanation regarding specific details.

In the case of the owner providing erroneous information, the owner shall be the only one responsible for the damages caused to the driver/user.

IX.- The owner of the offering parking space commits to confirming, as soon as possible, the booking of such a parking space.

Although they may cancel the bookings of their parking spaces, such cancellation will be penalised according to the time of notice with which such cancellation has been made.

X.- Once the payment made by the driver has been received, and the booking is considered as accepted, Parkron will proceed with the payment of the amount agreed to the owner through our server and in compliance with the terms and conditions agreed between the owner of the parking space and Parkron.

XI.- The owner states and guarantees that they own the parking space and that they are authorised to permit the use of the parking space to third parties and to give notice immediately of any problem related with it to Parkron.

XII.- In the case of the owner failing to fulfill the obligations specified in this document, Parkron may terminate the agreement with immediate effect and will not be obligated to pay for any outstanding bookings, in situations where drivers have been redirected to other available and closer parking space.

Xlll.- Express judicial submission between the users of Parkron’s. In the case of any of the users/drivers deciding to bring proceedings against the owner of the parking space, or vice versa, the courts with competent jurisdiction on the matter, will be those located in the same place as the parking space is found.

XlV,- Express submission between the owners of the parking spaces and/or users/drivers and Parkron International S.L:

It is expressly agreed that the knowledge of all the issues that may arise between the users/owners of the parking spaces and the company Parkron, as well as the interpretation of this agreement, shall be governed by the courts of the province of Almería (Spain).

XV.- Parkron International S.L. will pay the owners of the parking spaces, for the amount corresponding to the rental of their parking spaces, on a monthly basis, provided that such amount exceeds 200 Euros, or every six months if the amount is less than 200 Euros.

XVl.- The owners of the parking spaces may use the benefits obtained from the rentals to pay for future uses of rental parking spaces in which they act as car users.

XVlI.- All the parties agree that the company Parkron International S.L. will receive a commission of 20 % on the amount paid by the driver/user to rent the service.


l.- This contract and its addendum may be amended unilaterally by the company Parkron International S.L. through a previous communication to user (drivers/owners of parking spaces). Once the user accepts the new contract, it shall enter into force immediately and the previous contract shall be terminated.

In case of the user (drivers/owners of parking spaces) decides not to accept the new terms of the contract, this contract shall be terminated automatically.


By booking a parking on ParkroApp, you agree to the following Damage Policy:

  • - You must keep the Parking (parking and building) and its content(s), including all its infrastructure, (door, elevators, facilities) at the parking in the same state of repair as at the start of the parking time, and shall leave the parking in the same state of cleanliness and general order in which it was found when you arrived.

  • - You will be responsible for the reimbursement on ParkronApp on behalf of the Property, for all damage(s), breakages, or loss(es) caused to the parkring by You and/or your vehicle.

  • - Where any breakages, damage(s), or loss(es) occur, You should report it firsthand to the Property (as soon as reasonably practicable, but always before checkout), and request that the Property initiates a claim through the ParkronApp platform, under your reservation number.

  • - Partners will be able to request a damage fee from You for any damage(s), breakages, and loss(es) made to the Property and its contents (as defined above) up to 14 days after the end of your parking booking.

  • - The Property will initiate a claim through the ParkronApp platform. Once completed by the Property and received by ParkronApp, we will communicate the claim to You, for potential comments, agreement, or disagreement:

    • - If You agree with the claim, then Parkron.com will charge You the agreed amount, following the provision of your payment details and upon your consent. Note: The Parking will not in any case be allowed to charge You directly with the Damage Fee(s) agreed between You and the Property, and only ParkronApp (on behalf of the Property), and upon your consent, will be able to charge you for the agreed Damage Fee(s).

    • - If You reject a claim and ParkronApp deems your rejection valid, then we will close the claim and no Damage Fee will be charged.

Note: During the entire process, ParkronApp will only be an intermediary between the Property and You, and therefore cannot in any way be held responsible or liable, and will only intervene if no agreement is reached between the Property and You.

This Damage Policy does not include:

  • - Ordinary wear and tear, theft of cash and securities and non-physical damages, such as smoking fines and breaking parking rules (code of conduct, dress code…)

  • - any type of bodily injury or proprietary damage to you and your car (and your guest(s)) personal belongings or others, any kind of criminal activities, secondary / consequential loss, third-party liability, for which the Property could seek damage fees outside of this Damage Policy.

It also does not cover any damages that might be caused by an event of force majeure.


All the parties recognise each other enough legal capacity to sign this agreement and that they have obtained all the required authorisations to subscribe the same.

In accordance with Act 3/2018, of 5 December, of Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights and the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, we are informing you that all personal details will be entered into a file whose holder and responsible person is PARKRON INTERNATIONAL S.L, with the purpose of communicating with the different contacts it has in the exercise of its activity. You may exercise your right of access, modification and cancellation and other rights recognised in the regulations mentioned before, through the following e-mail address support@parkron.com. You must enclose a copy of your Spanish National Identity Card Number or your passport.

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